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Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

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Sustainability is at the heart of the NEAT project – working with industry experts we have conducted a baseline assessment to help inform our practices moving forward.

Central to the NEAT project is the ambition to sustainably grow the adventure tourism sector in our region. As part of this it is important that we consider our project sustainability and environmental impact alongside those of the partners we work with taking into consideration the wider national and global ambitions to achieve Net Zero.

One of the strategies we have implemented is to work with industry experts ecollective to assess our direct project carbon footprint and establish ways to keep this under review.

This amount was calculated as part of a review process carried out with ecollective investigating how various aspects of our project delivery contributed to our carbon footprint. Not being experts in this field it left us wondering where our total figures positioned us in relation to other activities. Below are some comparisons that we found useful to provide context to our findings.

While our current carbon footprint is low it will be undeniably hard to maintain such a low impact as we seek to grow the project and enhance industry support while also working towards the Scottish Governments Net Zero targets. Typically to achieve Net Zero, you need to reduce your annual emissions by over 90% compared to your baseline year.

Each year, as a project, we will measure our carbon footprint and use the results to pinpoint strategies to help us reduce our footprint further. As new methodologies, targets and regulation come online, we will learn and adapt our plan.

In addition to monitoring our own footprint we will continue to work collaboratively with industry partners to deliver as many low(er) carbon outputs as possible and share best practice with any facility, project, group or business engaged directly with NEAT.

We certainly do not have all the answers, nor are we claiming to be perfect, or even close to perfect, but each year we will strive to improve and continue to strive towards increased sustainability in our operations.

If you'd like to discuss our findings or any aspect of sustainability, carbon footprint or Net Zero targets in relation to your own adventure tourism activity please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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